3 questions about electromagnetic spectrum

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Electromagnetic Spectrum ?

1 . Consider the following discussion between two students about different properties of light. Which student (if any) do you agree to disagree with? Explain your reasoning.

Student 1: If you look at the chart of the EM spectrum it shows that light with a higher frequency has a longer wavelength. But it all has the same speed.

Student 2: If one type of light has a lot of energy and a high frequency, it has to have a faster speed than light that has a lower energy and a low frequency.

2. Write a statement that compares the frequency, wavelength, energy and speed of the light at the red end of the visible spectrum compares to light at the blue end of the visible spectrum.

3. The Sun radiates in most parts of the EM spectrum, however of all the types of light it radiates, it emits the greatest amount of light in the visible light part of the spectrum. If the Sun were to cool off dramatically, it would start radiating longer wavelength light. How would the frequency, energy, and speed of this new longer wavelength light also change?

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