unit 7 assignment case study harrisburg textile

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In this assignment your team is the change management division at Harrisburg Textile. Your leadership team has decided to use Kotter’s 8 step model to implement change and to transform the Harrisburg Textile into an Agile Lean organization.

Your team has been tasked with developing a plan to implement Kotter’s 8 step model and to provide the plan in a PowerPoint presentation to the company’s senior leaders within one week.Using the information about the company and your knowledge of change management in general, and Kotter’s 8 step model in particular, your team is to design this presentation following the template provided. This presentation should be 5 slides in length with sufficient detail provided to allow for easy understanding by the senior leaders (i.e. your instructors!)

Note:Attached the rubric which tells the info about grading and ppt template


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