discussion post crm 22

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1. You may use credible news sources for this while you wait for a book. Acceptable news sites are open to interpretation and belief, but can include Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and (but not limited to) their affiliates. I know each may have a “point of view”, but I want to give you all academic freedom to state your opinion and use a website if you do not have a book: Should the United States do more to secure the borders with Mexico and Canada? Why or why not? Regardless of opinion, address the drug wars in Mexico when answering.

2. Have technology efforts in Homeland Security been effective? Is there too much spending on Homeland Security worth it? Why or Why not?

3. What does the book say is the basic dilemma in combating terrorism? Do you agree? What are other issues that you see in the “war on terror”? If you believe there is no actual “war on terror”, why? Is there a credible threat?

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