discussion unfair labor practices and authentic unions

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Respond to both of the following topics, and discuss your opinions.

  1. Unfair Labor Practices

    Labor unions and organizations are both equally blamed on unfair labor practices. Featherbedding is when an employer is being forced to hire a union member a regular employee.

    You will select two unfair labor practices, one committed by management and the other by labor, and discuss these practices. For both management and labor, indicate why each case felt their actions were necessary.

  2. Authentic Unions

    Read the article titled More Perfect Unions, and discuss why their agents/representation are more successful at the bargaining table. Also, argue why you agree or disagree that Sports Unions are real unions, and reasons that support your opinion.


Wertheim, L. J., & Keith, T. (2016, Winter). More Perfect Unions. Sports Illustrated. , 125(19), p19-20.

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