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Project Delievrables3:

Project WBS (MS Project Manager).

Attached is a flowchart indicator of the five phases in project lifecycle. Create the WBS of Initiation and Planning phases on Microsoft Project and identify the number of days each task will take (use your own estimation, i.e., the design phase takes 30 days to complete, the documentation is an ongoing task, and embedded with projects constraints, assumed risks, and members of the team assigned for each tasks. As the Project Manager, create names of people, (i.e., Robert Jones-Lead Developer, James Ford, CIO/Approving Officer, etc.) who will be assigned to perform each task in the WBS). Lastly, identify the deliverables and milestones dates for each task, i.e., preliminary schedule, estimated/initial cost, project charter, organizational structure. etc. so that these schedules are reflected on the Gantt Chart.

Download Project Management Processes.jpg

NOTE: Apply the Week 3 Agile scheduling and planning process in creating the WBS


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