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There are have 2 discussions, and every discussion need write about 300 words.

Please watch video and powerpoint before work. Thanks!

Discussion 1:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=HGyMGRc32QI


The following videos are to help us understand service recovery. These are short and entertaining, but as you watch, I want each of you to share a failure and recovery experience that you have had (hopefully in the hospitality area). Disclaimer: There may be some foul language in some of these clips. We have shared positive encounters and negative encounters, but we want to discuss the companies that made it right (or failed to recover well).

Please write 300 words.

Discussion 2:


Susan Pannozzo, CHA, CHT brings over 30 years of experience to the hospitality industry. She started her career as a Guest Service Representative, working her way up through multiple departments to eventually the role of General Manager. After 14 years in hotel operations, Susan joined the corporate office of IHG in 2000 as Quality Consultant, later transitioning to the IHG Training Department where she managed the quality and service training programs for the Americas Region up until February of 2017.

Susan has now founded her own Hospitality Training and Consulting company, Hospitality Academy, where she also hosts the Hospitality Academy Podcast. Her expertise includes guest engagement, service recovery, quality assurance, rooms division management, and team member development. Susan holds accreditation from the American Hotel & Lodging Association as a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) as well as a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT).

  • Susan’s background, the vision behind her company, and why she decided to start a podcast.
  • The different types of training, how it has evolved over the years, and how she plans to use her years of training experience to help hospitality professionals be more successful.
  • Service recovery, why it’s important, and how choosing to be the hero can turn a negative experience into a lifetime fan.

Please read this article before this work.

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