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This week you will continue to build out your lesson plan. Consider the following questions:

1. What are some additional ideas that you have in implementing your lesson plan?

2. How might you incorporate some elements of the examples you viewed this week into your plan? In other words, are there elements of these “model” or “best” systems that can be contextualized to the context of the school you hope to implement your plan in?

3. How will you use feedback from your peers to improve your plan?

Building off last week, be sure to consider your intended grade level, lesson goals and objectives, etc. and work on creating an improved iteration.


1. Read.

Reimers, F.M., Chopra, V., Chung, C.K., Higdon, J., & O’Donnell, E.B. (2016). Empowering global citizens: A World Course. (pp. 180-420; sixth grade – book conclusion)

“, Michael Ranney) Example……

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