historical and ploticall report

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I have the Country picked I will tell when accepted.

A minimum of three references with corresponding in-text citations.

3-4 pages using APA formatting. The title and references page do not count towards the total page count.

History of the Country: CHOOSE 2

Give a brief history of the country, including when it was founded, history of foreign domination, participation in regional wars, important foreign relations issues, etc.

Describe what foreigners are expected to know regarding the history of the country when living and working there.

What other political, regulatory or historical facts or conditions should a business know about?

What important historical sites, buildings, monuments, markers, geographic features, and objects would be beneficial for a foreigner to be aware of?

Current Political and Regulatory Climate: CHOOSE 4

Characterize the political stability of your host country. Is it relatively stable or unstable? If it is or recently has been unstable, what are the primary drivers of that instability? (ethnic, geographic, economic, political philosophy, religious, etc.)

Is the government essentially a democracy or a dictatorship and, if it is a dictatorship, is it run by leaders from the military, political parties, religious factions, or other power bases?

Is it, or has it recently been, at war with a neighboring country, or any other country? If so, what was the “reason” for the war?

Has it ever been involved in a war against the United States? If so, what war, and what were the primary issues?

What is the degree of regulation all companies face? Is it highly regulated and subject to significant costs, delays or interference?

Are foreign companies treated or regulated the same as domestic companies? If they do face different regulations or business climate, what are those differences?

What is the risk of nationalization or expropriation? Does the country have a history of expropriation or nationalization and, if so, in what economic sectors?

Discuss how the political climate might present opportunities or challenges to a multi-national company.


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