History 2

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Directions: This discussion will be using the Part II of the Mendoza text, the primary sources.

Do not post your answer as an attachment.

Post a response to one of the following questions (a, b or c). Make sure to cite the Mendoza text with page numbers in your answer.

a) Closely examine one of the Gillray prints reproduced in Part II. Describe what you see, and summarize the caption. Which momen in the fight did he capture and why? Who, according to Gillray, was the more praiseworthy boxer, and how did he convey his opinion?

b) Choose one of the letters that Mendoza or Humphries wrote to the editor of a newspaper (from Part II). Briefly describe the content of the letter. Discuss the claims the writer made. Which one strikes you as most believable and why?

c) Choose a newspaper account of one of the three fights between Mendoza and Humphries (from Part II). Relate the narrative or story. Which of the claims are facts versus value judgements? Discuss some of the most imporant value judgements of the fighters.


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