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To begin the process if creating a researched essay, one must first find a place in an ongoing conversation. Consider that your university course of study or professional activity is the “party” part of Kenneth Burke’s metaphor for the conversation, within which there are a number of significant conversations about areas of interest important in the academic or professional world and/or society in general. For this essay, you should choose a question you have about any topic somehow related to a conversation within your discourse community/activity system, preferably NOT focused on student concerns, issues of employment capability, or mundane concerns of the world, but more on the ideas or motivating forces contained within the community, and write an essay that introduces the question, makes a case for its validity and relevancy as framed by your discourse community, and proposes research into the topic based on prevalent viewpoints already known about the issue in question. Topics might come from issues inside the university, such as particular schools of thought in certain academic areas, or from the outside world, such as a community-specific look at some social or political problem. Try to focus on a conversation that invites inquiry and is of a complex nature. This essay does not offer an argument, but proposes study through inquiry, in which case, some research into the area of interest is essential as a means of introducing what has already been said regarding the issue. A bibliography page composed in your documentation style is therefore required.

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