How has Facial recognition changed Border security and law enforcement?

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How has facial recognition changed Border security at different ports and law enforcement in general?

How will it change law enforcement in the future?

What are the different types of facial recognition and how it functions?

How people view the technology from an outside perspective?

Has this technology improved law enforcement? Is there more progress to be made?

The center focus is the use of the facial recognition technology at Washington Dulles Airport IAD. Then to expand into the larger topic.

Please use the directions below to complete this paper.


The 11th page should be the works cited page.

I have attached a rubric to help meet grading criteria.

I have also attached a few source documents to help with the research.

If there are any addition questions or information needed for the paper please let me know.

Nature of the Research Paper

Submit an 8 to 10-page paper on a technology and policing topic of your choosing. The purpose

of this paper is to examine the relationship between technology and the components of the justice system (e.g. courts, corrections, policing). In the paper discuss the technology and its application to the criminal justice system, identify and discuss both benefit and potential harm (abuses) of the use of the technology. How might this technology improve the criminal justice system, today or in the future. This paper should NOT just summarize the technology topic by way of a literature review.

This paper is assigned to students as individuals, meaning you must do the research, analysis and writing on your own, with assistance as provided in the writing lab/recitation. Try to develop your paper through an iterative process of draft, review, and revision. Use the writing center and peer review processes to assist you in the successful completion on this paper.

Grading Criteria

Below are a few of the criteria I will be using to grade the paper. Please refer to the “Research

Paper Grading Rubric” for more information and point value for each the rating criteria. You

can also find resources on effective writing at, click on the “Resources”


Critical Thinking

The more clearly, logically, and strongly you make your points, using valid reasoning and

evidence, the higher your grade.


Spelling, punctuation, grammar and constructions are important elements of composition and

should not get in the way of communicating your ideas. I strongly recommend that you read

your paper out loud to yourself and have someone proof the paper to correct any errors.

Structure and Organization

Use headings to organize your paper, and make sure the discussion flows smoothly from one

topic to another. Say what you need to say as efficiently and concisely as possible, avoiding

excess verbiage.

The sections of your paper should include:

Cover page to include Title, Class, Student’s name, date and Instructor’s name

Introduction: Introduce the topic and purpose of the paper, provide a brief overview of

the technology and how it is relevant to the criminal justice system and the likely

outcomes from its use (hypotheses).

Literature Review: Use a minimum of four sources (Academic journals, professional

journals, trade journals, law reviews, articles and or government documents).

Methods: Explain the approach to data collection through document reviews and the

method used to select the literature.

Limitation: Discuss the limitations of the literature and the application science of the

behind the technology and the need for future study if applicable.

Discussion/conclusions: Explain the technology and application, how it fits with the

justice system priorities. What are the likely outcomes (+/-) of the application of the

technology? Evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of the technology under current

and future conditions. Explaining your preferred application and your rationale for that

choice. Discuss the social (moral, ethical and legal) implications as well as organizational

expectations (cost and efficiency).

List of sources cited page: APA style sources to correspond to in-text citations.


All papers should be prepared in conjunction APA format to include citations, in-quote citations

and resources. Please print single-sided, numbering the pages and stapling them together. Use 1-inch margins all the way around, single spaced and 12-point font (any font that’s easily


Use and Citation of Sources

The content of your paper should show that you used the sources provided, and the sources

should be cited appropriately (when in doubt, cite!). Be sure to use quotation marks to denote

quoted material, and cite all sources quoted and all sources you drew on to develop your ideas.

Use quotations very, very sparingly. Most of your discussion of resource material should be

paraphrased into your own words, so I know that you understand it. When I see extensive use of quotations, I assume that you’re parroting what you heard, rather than actually explaining it,

because you didn’t understand it. That will not help your grade. Failure to cite all sources you read and used, as well as citing sources you didn’t actually read and use, are both plagiarism and will result in an F on the paper and a referral to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Timeliness of Submission

All papers are due on hardcopy in class by the start of class time on the due date. If you

don’t turn it in by then, you can make a late submission by email, but there’s a 5-point-per-day

(with a day defined as a 24-hour period beginning at the start of the class on the due date)

penalty for late submissions, and no papers will be accepted more than 7 days late. You must

provide me with a hardcopy turned in during class on the due date.

If you don’t get your paper in by 7 days of the due date, you’ll get a zero for this part of your

course grade.

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