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One of the identifiable issues I will address in regards to our organization is the lack of consistency and lasting results in a particular department. The group is constantly changing members and everyone that joins the department are not reliable. I find that there are always debate about decisions that need to be made and no one seems to agree with what products to use and which ones are best. The focus is generally on who does the most work and who does the least work. The lack of unity between the team members causes the department to experience losses instead of gain in productivity. To address this issue there need to be establishment of leaders, training, expectations, rules, responsibilities and ways to keep unity among the members on the team. Once the positions are field, each member will have a responsibility to honor that position and the person who holds it. If the team cannot come to a final decision, then the leader will make the final decision for the team. Each member will have a personal responsibility to fulfill their part on the team. Each member will be given a specific duties and a guideline and timeline to follow. This will help with keeping order and respect between each member of the department. Weekly meetings will be establish to discuss improvements and failures with solutions to the problem. Quarterly Rewards will be given to the team for their accomplishments on improvements and productivity in their department. This will be my proposal for a improving the issue in the issues found in their department. There will be team member evaluation also there will be feedback from teams to members, leader to team and any other issues identified. Once identified there will be solution presented to resolve any problems that have been addressed.

120 word reply either agreeing disagreeing or relating to

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