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Students are required to write a report consisting answers to the given six given case studies.

The given case studies are available at your e-reading section, as the first e-reader.

Note: All your answers and arguments should supported by academic references.

References: Provide a minimum of four (4) academic references (preferably no older than 2009). Three (3) of these must be refereed (scholarly) academic journal articles. However, you will need to use preferably 2 references (in-text citations) to answer each individual question for each case study. One reference can be your textbook and the other reference should be a journal article. If you can’t write an answer with two citations, then at lease having two in-text references for each case study is expected.

It is expected that you will research widely using appropriate sources. It is also expected that you will use good academic references including journal articles and other references to present your analysis and the business report. You are strongly encouraged to discuss and brainstorm ideas with your team members/ peers, if it is not confidential.

Please do not use Wikipedia as the basis of your analysis or argument.

Referencing style: Use the Harvard UniSA referencing style in all your assessments. A guide to the Harvard UniSA style given on Moodle

Word limit: 1700 words. 10% plus or minus the word limit is acceptable. If you exceed the 10% plus maximum limit, your grader will draw a line and will stop reading at that point.

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