HRMN 408 Week 4 Discussion Questions, management homework help

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Topic 1 (only one topic this week)

Joe has had a difficult life.

His parents separated when he was an infant.

His mother began drinking heavily to deal with her depression and became alcoholic.

Social Services intervened to remove Joe from his mother’s care.

Joe’s grandmother took Joe in and raised him from infancy.

Joe is now employed for your company.

His grandmother needs a serious operattion on her eyes and will require constant monitoring and help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Joe asks for 6 weeks unpaid leave from his important job to provide care for his grandmother.

Your boss comes to you – “Are we legally obligated to grant Joe unpaid leave and guarantee him his job?”

1.  Write a short memo to your boss explaining the company’s obligations under the FMLA and answering his question. Offer your own opinion as to whether Joe should be granted unpaid leave,

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