Human And Child Development CHF1500: Reality assignment

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The purpose of reality assignments is to apply course concepts to real-life experience. Reality assignments require students to engage in a real life experience then apply course concepts in a 2-3 page reflective paper.

Students will write a paper to apply course concepts to the experience. The paper should have 3 sections: introduction, application of course concepts, and conclusions: Reality Assignment 3 Template and options are attached in two files.


  • Introduction:One brief paragraph that identifies the experience selected and an overview of how the reality experience went.
  • Applicationof Course Concepts: Five paragraphs applying at least 5 course concepts (1 paragraph each). Each concept must be from the units being targeted by the assignment. A “concept” is an Concepts include bold text vocabulary words in the text book or red words in the lecture PowerPoint slides. For this reality assignment, at least one concept must be from a human development theory from the applicable course units. To receive full credit for applying the concepts you need to:
    • Identify the concept by using boldtext.
    • Define the You may use your own words or quote the text book or lecture notes.
    • Cite source for the definition (e.g. instructor lecture; text book, course readings) using APA style citations (see assignment templates and “Writing Style” in course policies for resources). Citation examples are included in the assignment template. For text book citations please include the page number. ***Do not use sources that have not been assigned as part of this course (e.g. websites).
    • Provide a specific example of the concept from your Make sure the example occurred DURING

this reality assignment experience.

  • BEWARE: whencompleting assignments with someone you know well to receive credit you must actually do the assignment as described for the purposes of this class AND apply concepts to this specific experience
  • For example, if you choose to hold your sister’s baby that you have held many times before, you must connect courseconcepts to what happened when you held the baby specifically for this In addition, although it is tempting to try and explain the causes of behavior for others, making broad causal inference with limited evidence is inappropriate (i.e. “The baby I held cried the whole time because she has insecure attachment to her mother”).
  • Conclusions:Brief summary of your experience and This should be a reflection that includes responses to these questions: How has this experience influenced your perspective? What have you learned about human development?

APA writing style is required for this paper (citations, reference, double space, title page; see template posted on Canvas). First person voice should be used because this is a reflective paper. Please maintain the confidentiality of others by changing the names of people discussed in your paper. The grading rubric is posted with the Canvas assignment submission.

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