human behavior 2

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2-3 page paper along with a cover page and references sheet. Must be 2 scholarly references, APA guideline. Each part of question must be answer, Part 1 has its own cover page and references sheet. Part 2 have it own cover page and references sheet. In-text citations, proper grammar and punctuation marks. Use correct sentence structure. Please number the question with the answer.

Part 1:Read Case 8.1: “The (Mis) Behavior of Successful CEOs Leads to Their Departures. Answer the following question:

1. Why does the practice of ethics matter?

2. To what degree do you believe the behaviors of the featured CEOs constituted “misbehavior”?

3. Were the reactions of the board correct?

4. All three of the CEOs in the case were given large severance packages. What message does this send to the employees?

Part 2:Read Case 14.1: “The Netflix Decision that could cost the company 800,000 Subscribers”. Answer the following questions:

1. Did you aree or disagree with the shareholder’s decision to change the power structure of the board?

2. Faced with the increased cost of delivering DVDs by mail or streaming online content, clearly Netflix had to take some action. What decisions supported your leadership style? Which decisions did not?

3.Is providing the consumer a venue to voice their opinion relevant? Why or Why not?

4. Think back to the chapter discussion about the concept of escalation of commitment. Was Netflix’s continuation with its pricing action (which resulted in a large loss of customers) reflective of escalation of commitment, or was it a rational plan? Explain.

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