hypothesis testing 1 sample z test 1

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The law firm Wi, Cheatem & Howe has hired you as a consultant, regarding a potential “slack fill” case involving the Chillani Yogurt Company. “Slack fill” cases concern consumer products being sold under the stated label weight/volume.

Wi, Cheatem & Howe received a tip from a supervisor working atChillani’s East Hopkins plant who claimed the company purposely and routinely under-fills its 8 ounce yogurt cups, thus saving the company money and padding the plant manager’s bonuses.

The tipster further revealed the filling process has a standard deviation of .18.Your assistant collected samples. Based on the insider’s tip about the product being sold underweight you will run 1 tail, left-side, Z-tests.

You will also need my Red ID # which is 822958637

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