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Choose a mural from within your assigned neighborhood: see BMP at Morgan Map to find and decide on one. Here, your group may include Information on: the Mural Artist (from their website, an interview, and any other materials), and Who Commissioned the piece, and the rationale for doing so. Try to contact the artist & commissioner & email them questions as a student from Morgan State University. You may also include any additional area info that pertains specifically to the mural site: street or wall; And on how the mural was received by community members, public figures, critics, journalists, etc. (e.g. negatively/critically or positively – look at newspapers, conduct in-person interviews, contact neighborhood association, etc.). Use both Archival (historical documents from Maryland Historical Society ; Other Archival Resources ; & Journalistic Sources) and also the BMP Survey Instrument, TBA. Make sure to include a works cited page (How to cite Archival Materials).

  1. Community reception (this may be done by multiple group members as long as they’re using different sources – different interviews, documents, surveys participants, etc.) 500 words

This first mural was on 3313 greenmount ave and it painted recently 2010. It shows how the unity and the life is awesome and Also, it contains a lot of religious spiritually


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