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Question 1


Consider the reading from A Very Short Introduction to Ancient Philosophy: Chapter 1. In the text, the author introduces the Stoics and Plato, who have very different ideas about the soul and the role of emotions in the soul. Which philosophical view do you agree with more? Why? This is a subjective question, so you must justify your answer.

Post your response with at least four sentences.

Make sure to respond to another student’s post as well with at least three sentences.

Both the post and the response are due by Friday

I agree with you Javier, because even though the Staics proved a straight forward point, Plato tells us that reality is different and that we should not just consider our emotions to make decisions, but our inteligence as well. The only thing that made me not agree with Chapter 1 in general, is that they do not talk about conscience. Conscience is similar to reason but without moral. I think that when it comes to making decisions we should take conscience in concideration as well.


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