I need help with writing a peer reviewed essay (publishing within last 5 years) instructions will be provided below. Will give tip for good work

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Choose a peer-reviewed research article originally published in the last 5 years that relates to psychosocial development. Anything throughout the lifespan will suffice. Make sure that the research article includes data and data analysis. Choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in so you will learn something that you find valuable.



For example:

  • Why do some teenagers have difficulty expressing anger while others seem to just “float” through adolescence?
  • Why do some people excel in academics and look forward to challenges and others get bored?
  • How do friendships change as we age?
  • Are older people happier? Sadder? Grouchier? What are moods like throughout the lifespan?
  • There is lots of research on different types of relationships. Choose one that interests you.
  • Why are some people successful in forming relationships and others have difficulty?
  • What are some cross-cultural differences within families or among other relationships?
  • How are relationships different in different cultures?
  • What happens to the brain during a romantic encounter?
  • What kinds of psychosocial differences are related to genetic makeup versus the environment in which we are raised?

The above are only examples. Feel free to choose any topic in cognitive development that catches your interest.

Provide a brief (~250 words) summary of the study’s findings in terms that a non-psychology undergraduate would understand. Do not copy the abstract or any other part of the article and do not use any of the references in the text.

Make sure these features are included:

  • A pdf copy of the journal article
  • A properly formatted title page and running head. (As before, super easy points! Just YouTube or Google it if you are not sure how to do it properly.)
  • An explanation of the type of study or review (remember, in a way that a peer could understand).
  • A general idea of who the participants were
  • An explanation of the results
  • An explanation of how the title is relevant. As noted, “explaining the title” is simply a prompt for you to consider what the article is about. Don’t write, “The title is relevant because… .” Instead, write about the purpose of the study was and what you or others might learn from it. Briefly, tell me about the study in an informative way that does not use jargon or technical language.
  • At the end, make sure to post your properly formatted, appropriate reference, including the use of a hanging (reverse) indent, as per APA format. You are once again posting your assignment as a pdf, so the format will remain intact. If you do not remember how to do electronic indents, YouTube it.

Words and phrases to avoid:

  • “prove”
  • “Works cited”
  • Retrieved [date], from
    (On the other hand, it is necessary to use ‘retrieved from’ when citing an online-only resource like the CDC, the United Nations, WHO, or those kinds of organizations.)
  • fact
  • Once again, do not make a reference link to a library a part of your reference.

You should also avoid things like:

  • “in the article…”
  • “A study was conducted that showed…” (I know it was a study, just explain it. You can write, “The study showed…” or “Research attempted to…” or something like that.)
  • “The authors talk about…” (If it is a written article, no one is talking.)
  • “The article talks about…” (same same. Instead, say ” [ … ] is discussed” or “The authors discuss…” or “the researchers discuss…”

…Please do send a separate pdf peer-reviewed research article of what you will be writing about.

Will give good tip for superb work

Thank you.


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