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Introduce Your Topic


  • Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions.
  • Professional Communications and Writing Guide.

Now that you have introduced yourself to your fellow learners, share your area of specialization and topic of interest for your Integrated Project. The topic you select will be one that you develop into a research proposal. You will only propose the research; you will not actually collect data. (See the description of the final Integrated Project in Unit 10). Your discussion post should include your rationale for selecting this area of study for your Integrative Project: Chapters I–V. Close your post with a clear research question related to your proposed study. This question will serve as the guiding question for the project.

Your instructor will provide feedback and approval of your proposed topic of interest.

Response Guidelines

Review the posts of at least two other learners and respond to their work. What questions do you have about their topic in the context of a research proposal or research-based project for their Integrative Project: Chapters I–V? Do you have any additional insights or questions on the relationship between their topic of interest and their specialization?

Remember, this course is not about your opinions, but rather about substantiated research. You should give a valid reason for your positioning. When you respond to your fellow learners, you should do so with evidence and supporting documentation.


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