I need the following questions answered. Provide at least a paragraph for each question below.

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Please answer the following questions in paragraph form. Please write in complete sentences.

1. Examine the political differences between young people and older adults. What might account for these differences? Describe the impact of these differences on democracy in the United States.

2. It has been said that the United States is in the middle of a “culture war”. Explain what this refers to and delineate arguments for and against the existence of a culture war. Which set of arguments do you find most convincing and why?

3. Evaluate how much political and ruling power our Founders might originally have intended to bestow upon the new United States government. Has the structure created by the founders allowed a necessary increase in the power of the state on behalf of the needs of the people (think Great Depression), or has it impermissibly expanded the role of government leading to an extinguishing of our liberties (think Tea Party), or some combination of the two? Explain.

4. Compare the advantages and disadvantages to democracy under a federal system. If you were drafting the Constitution today, would you opt to choose the system of federalism we have today or would you rather try a more consolidated and unitary form of government? Explain.


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