I need to organize this essay in a timeline star off by losing my grandfather, depression, parents separated, changing schools,loneliness, FBLA. those have to be more detailed and include 5 senses have more emotionaconnection

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i wanted to describe the part where i heard my grandfathers voice ad more detail to it. also wanted to add a memory of how me and him would sit outside and play his Guerrero guitar and he would cheer me up. also include how I lost him to Alzheimer’s disease how it was hard.

for example my parents an i were really close and after separation we lost everything I lost house car everything and had to move with my grandmother.

FBLA meant the world to me it brought my back into the light showed my values help me rebuild ME. I felt important smart like I was invincible and that I could become something. they were my family my backbone when I needed the. ADD3 pages


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