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Review the Expansion Project Management Plan that you developed in Week 5.


Write a comprehensive project management plan of no more than 700 words as a Microsoft® Word document that summarizes your presentation and provides additional research in support of the proposed expansion plan.




NOTE: pls see attachment




1, What is a “post implementation evaluation” and why is it relevant? 250 WORDS


2. Explain what is done in a Retrospective Review. 250 WORDS


3. Explain several different types of Project Closure and the rationale behind each one. 250 WORDS


4. What factors and trains of thought must go into Project Site Selection? Give some evaluation of the examples in the text. 250 WORDS


5. What environmental factors does a manager have to deal with regarding international projects? 250 WORDS


6. Discuss Project Management in the Public Sector 250 WORDS


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