Identify, research, and present a topic in engineering that is currently the focus of ongoing…

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Task: To identify, research, and present (in both written and presentation formats) a topic in engineering that is currently the focus of ongoing (within the past 5 years) research, investigation, and/or development. The topic: A technology that can be used in a community built offshore (see list of recommended options). You may choose to design a part of the infrastructure (water supply, waste management, energy supply and energy storage); structural (community foundation and structure, housing, community building); transportation (boats, walkways, or other technology suitable for an offshore community); environmental management (coral reefs, sea grass, air and water quality, ecosystem management); food supply (aquaculture, raft agriculture, vertical gardens, fisheries, kelp farms); or any technology that would make a community work in an offshore environment. This is an opportunity to incorporate something interesting in your chosen field and contemplate the possibilities of a technology. Rationale: Sea level rise is occurring now and expected to rise to over 4ft based on the existing carbon in atmosphere. A description of climate impacts is in the Project Description folder. Here are two YouTube videos describing the impacts to cities in the US. As a professional engineer, you will need to continually educate yourself about advances in technologies to remain competitive, and this project introduces important information literacy skills to aid in your ability to educate yourself. This project also shows different ways of defining and solving complex problems depending on the perspective of the team. Process 1. Learn about sea level rise and climate impacts. You will submit a memo requesting a specific topic. Please discuss your topics in class before submitting. 2. During your research, select 2 journal articles and/or conference papers that approach the goal using different technological strategies/solutions. The journal articles/conference papers should be closely related (similar specific topics). 3. Read the articles and take notes. Focus your reading on the Introduction, Literature Review, and/or Background sections. Specifically look at how the author(s) write about the problem identification as well as review and cite relevant literature related to the problem. 4. Write a short compare and contrast paper (you are NOT summarizing the articles/papers – summarizing is a first step) informing the audience how the authors began to solve the complex problem stated within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, again focusing on problem identification and the relevant literature. a. This document will be written using a Technical Writing Style (see tips on page 2). b. Topic sentences should introduce an idea, not a source. c. Supporting sentences should provide examples of similarities/differences from the sources. 5. Later in the semester you will work in a team to apply your idea to a model community off shore. Content of Submissions (both written and oral): 1. Briefly, describe the technology, focusing on how this technology can be applied to an offshore community. 2. Compare and Contrast the technological approaches presented in your sources (problem identification, proposed solution, methods, data, conclusions, and/or future work). 3. Add relevant graphics and/or tables. Explain the graphics/tables in your text.

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