Identify the error in each of the following scenarios, law homework help

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Identify the error in each of the following scenarios.

Case 1: A dead body and a gun were
found in a small room. The room was empty except for a small desk and a
chair. The room had two windows, a closet, and a door leading into a
hallway. The crime-scene sketch artist measured the perimeter of the
room and drew the walls to scale. He sketched the approximate position
of the dead body and the gun. He sketched the approximate location of
the chair and the desk. What did he forget to do?

Case 2: At the scene of the crime,
the evidence collector found a damp, bloody shirt. The evidence
collector quickly wrapped the shirt in a paper bindle. He inserted the
paper bindle with the shirt into an evidence bag. The bag was sealed
with tape, and the collector wrote his name across the tape. The
evidence collection log was completed and taped to the evidence bag.
What did he do incorrectly?

Case 3: A single hair was found on
the back of a couch. The evidence collector placed it in a paper bindle.
He then inserted the paper bindle into a plastic evidence bag. Using
tape, the evidence collector sealed the bag. After completing the
evidence log and the chain-of-custody form, he brought the evidence bag
to the crime lab. What did he do incorrectly?

Case 4: Often, several different labs
need to share a very small amount of evidence. It is important that the
chain of custody be maintained. If the chain of custody is broken, then
the evidence may not be allowed in a court proceeding. Identify the
error in the following case. After obtaining the evidence, the first lab
technician removed the tape that contained the signature of the crime
scene evidence collector. On completion of her examination of the
evidence, the lab technician put the evidence back into a paper bindle,
and inserted the bindle into an evidence bag. The technician resealed
the bag in the same place as the original crime-scene investigator.
After carefully sealing the bag, the lab technician signed her name
across the tape. She completed the chain-of-custody form on the outside
of the evidence bag and brought the evidence to the next lab technician
at the crime lab.

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