Implementation of Design Choices

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Finalize the design you want to use for your Website, based on the choices you presented to the class and the feedback you received.

  • Modify the home page HTML framework from Week 2 Project to include any media or layout changes that are still needed. This must include the links to other pages (based upon your sitemap), the logo, a banner, introductory text (fictitious), and a disclaimer (stating this is a fictional site for educational purposes that does not offer travel) at minimum. This page should be named index.html.
  • Copy the index.html page using Save As to create the three destination pages from your sitemap; be sure to name the files correctly so the links you created work. Modify the text of the destination pages and add images for each destination. Be sure to keep the banner and layout for consistent branding of the site and a consistent experience for the end user.

Submit your HTML files (which should be 4 total pages) along with any images or integrated media from the Implementation section in a Zipped folder (compressed with a .zip extension) to the submission folder. Cite any sources in APA format.

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