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Your assignment is to write a brief illustration paper, double-spaced, roughly three-to-five paragraphs in length that answers a question you want answered.

Good essays have importance; they answer a need, a question or problem that has been posed. Unless you have gotten into the habit of reading a daily newspaper, you may be relatively unfamiliar with this genre. However, you can peruse one or two this week (and I suggest the Sunday edition) and find topics of interest. Choose topics of interest and relevance. Avoid trivialities, such as “Is it easier to ski or snowboard?” Those types of subjects are banal and not worth reading.

If you cannot discover anything in the local newspaper that strikes your fancy, you may consider one of the following topics. Remember, you need to define a problem, find a topic, and then try to explain something about it. Some possible choices include:

  1. Why do people need spirituality in their lives?
  2. What do we mean by the word “successful”?
  3. How can you help to repair the world?

You may write on any one topic, but only one. For this particular essay, you may either choose your own topic or use one of mine, but if you choose your own topic, you must spend a bit of time defining it at the beginning of your essay.

If you decide to go with one of my topics, I specifically chose these topics to force you to think deeply about your life, well enough to be able to explain it. Perhaps the explanation will please you; perhaps it will change you! Please do not write glib, flippant answers. The best writing comes from searching within yourself deeply. Take the time to search and see what you come up with.

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