In General

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In General

Submit document as an attachment using pdf, doc, docx,  or rtf format

Each assignment should have the course cover page, which includes:

[your name]


Resume(50 pts.)No personal information is necessary. Alter any names, dates, addresses, etc. that you choose. I will not be fact checking these.

Create a one page resume based on one of the appropriate formats shown on pages 274 – 280 (BWC).

List credentials, skills, and abilities.

Make sure it is:
• well organized
• carefully designed
• consistently formatted
• easy to read
• free of errors

Use contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity to accomplish this.

Write 150 words: Often, a business proposal will include the resumes or profiles of key participants or those in leadership roles. Consider how you could use personal branding to establish a positive image for yourself or your proposal. What steps would you take to ensure a consistent and unified branding message across all media outlets? (See Professionalism Notes pgs. 266-267.)

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