In his adventure with the goddess Calypso, Odysseus was given the chance to be i

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1)In his adventure with the goddess Calypso, Odysseus was given the chance to be immortal. All he had to do was not go  home. And yet he didn’t take it. What point do you think Homer was making with this episode and do you agree with it? (I mean, seriously…immortality!)


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CLASSMATE RESPONSE. Respond to at least 1 classmate’s forum answer. (And please don’t just agree; agreeing is fine, but add something to the discussion, if so.)

During Book V Odysseus is given the opportunity to become immortal and live forever with the Goddess Calypso but he instead decides to go home to his wife and country. Odysseus is trying to prove the point that no matter how great something may seem to be or could be, if someone really wants something, then they won’t allow anything to get in the way. He is promised everlasting life, happiness, food and drink fit for the Gods, and to be graced by Calypso’s beauty for the rest of time. Odysseus, however, has a different idea.

His heart is yearning for the day that he can finally return to his country and to his wife. He acknowledges how his wife’s beauty pales in comparison to Calypso’s and how difficult the journey home will be. But he still wants to leave. He wants to follow his heart and do what he knows is the right thing to do. He is willing to deal with whatever is thrown his way through his travels just to get back to his home. He is proving the point that if someone really wants something, they will do whatever they need to or have to in order to get it. To follow the heart and to never give up.

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