Indicators and Signposts of Madrid Train Bombing

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The chosen terrorist attack was the Madrid Train Bombing. You’ve been assisting with this project since it’s inception. I’ve attached the rubric to this. Thank you!

In this journal, you will consider the current counterterrorism approaches of the country in which the attack occurred, and discuss possible alternatives.

Begin to draft your ideas for the current approaches and alternatives section of your final project. This will be your only time to receive feedback on this section before your final submission in the next module. Address the following:

  • Explain how the country’s overall counterterrorism approach has changed or evolved since the attack.
  • Summarize arguments that exist for and against the country’s current counterterrorism approach.
  • Using your research, determine whether the country’s current counterterrorism approach is an effective one. Defend your conclusion.
  • Describe a possible alternative to the country’s current counterterrorism approach.
  • Explain the potential long-term impact of the alternative approach on preventing future terrorist actions.

Your final project is due in the next module. If you have any outstanding questions as you work on this journal, reach out to your instructor or post them in the General Questions discussion.

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