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Please make sure the following info is listed in the attached powerpoint presentation and edit/add the presentation that you see fit to make this an outstanding presentation. Thank you!

•history of the company,
•who founded the company
•product history
•potential new products
•competitors and what are they doing
•current competitive condition of company — winning or losing or somewhere in between

• •strongest products
•4 year historical revenue table (google finance review in class) •4 year historical net income table
•4 year Price Earning Ratio table

• 4 Years debt to capital ratio = computed as: Total Long Term
Liabilities divided by [Total Long Term Liabilities plus Total Equity].

• 4 Years gross profit ratio = Gross profit divided by Total Sales or Total Revenues.

• 4 Years net profit ratio = Net Income divided by Total Sales or Total Revenues.
[Note, for the above debt to capital ratio; gross profit ratio; and net
profit ratio you show all your numbers not just the answer in order to
gain points, here.]

• Beta
•potential growth in EPS over the coming five years (yahoo finance review in class)
•5 year stock chart (yahoo finance or big charts — review in class)

• Yearly Dividend Yield if company pays dividends
• Summary Comment
I will grade the slides based on you including the information on each one of the bullet points above.

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