injuries and earthquake in Haiti, health and medicine homework help

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1- Describe the pathophysiology of crush syndrome. What are the physical findings, lab findings, and ElectroCardioGram (EKG) findings classically associated with it and how do they evolve? How do you treat them?

2- Using a recent earthquake (e.g. Haiti, China, and Chile) as an example, describe how medical, social, and environmental factors affect the morbidity and mortality of injured earthquake survivors?


1- Please make sure your answer is totally comprehensive.

2- For question 2 use Haiti as an example (References below)

3- Only use the references below to answer both questions, and make sure you read all of them to expand your thoughts to answer both questions.

4- Use APA style.



2- Others attached below.

3- Maybe not all the contents will be useful, but for sure most of the contents will be useful.

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