insanity defense should be a legitimate plea, law homework help

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I do not believe
the insanity defense should be a legitimate plea. The only thing that I feel
should be different is that they are not put with regular prisoners. I know the
ones with mental illnesses get put in a hospital, but they get treated better
there than they would in a hospital.  The plea of insanity is just
something people try not do when they realize what they have done was wrong. It
takes a lot of time and effort to figure out if the person was mentally ill
before the crime had happened. There are some people who do go to the doctor or
mental illness disease and get help for it. If a person is not taking their
medicine like they should, then it can make them do crazy things as well. It
should be up to the person’s family members to make sure the person is getting
the help that they need or to make sure the person is taking their medications.
When a person pleads insanity, it costs the criminal justice system a lot of
money because they have to research everything and it could take a while for
someone to get convicted. They should have separate cells that they put the
mentally ill and keep them away from the other offenders. I think people know
what they are doing when they commit a crime and they just try to use that as
an excuse.  Just like in the Dahmer case, where he killed 15 people and
had 11 remains of dead people found in his apartment (O’Meara, 2009). Dahmer
claimed that his statements were internally inconsistent and that he should be
believed because he unburdened himself (O’Meara, 2009). The jury found that he
did not suffer from a mental disease or illness when he committed the murders
(O’Meara, 2009).

O’Meara, G. J. (2009). He speaks not, yet he says
everything: What of that? Text, context, and pretext in state v. Jeffrey Dahmer.
Denver University Law Review, 87(1), 97–137.

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