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Every country in the world is constructed around the same set of institutional
frameworks that differ only in how governments manage them. Identify the
specific components of an institution. Next, use two (2) examples of
institutions —such as a financial system, a judicial system, or the armed forces
— to illustrate what developing countries overall have done to weaken or
strengthen such institutions.

Please respond to the following statement

Institutions are systems of established and common social rules that
structure social interactions. The specific components of an institution are to
help nurture social cohesion and a sense of security.

Governments corruption, greed and raw power weaken the state’s institution.
Government officials may take government money for themselves or use their power
to punish their competitors and enrich themselves.

Well functioning countries can assist developing countries and strengthen
institutions. Examples are verified auctions to sell natural resources rights
and creating an independent judiciary.

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