Intellectual Response, The paper should be 1000 to 1200 word, I choose number 4,Should be in MLA formart

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*You have to answer these questions , it is part of the assignment. (Your paper should answer all the following questions)

Which alternative are you choosing, or inventing? What motivates you to choose this alternative?

Are you writing a paper, or making something like art, video, poetry, song, dance, zine, comics, et cetera, or both writing and making?

What experience are you basing your submission on?

What concept or concepts will you apply to your subject matter?

What will be your overall main point and rough outline of the project?


please be very detailed in this essay and use critical thinking that’s what the professor wants .

You can use MLA format

cite from the book only please

Please look at the rubric carefully

And write the assignment accordingly to the rubric

I choose assignment number 4 (about comparing and contrasting the language of conception in sex)

I and a good work

Excellent work

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