Irony of American Inventions

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Read the Solnit essay and Blood, ink and pain essay first. (The essay’s quoting usage should be very similar to that of these, also the structure can be similar to these too)

The essay should give the reader a sense of the problem or question that you believe is essential to understanding the collection of texts(In this case it’s Eula Biss’ works) you’ve been working with. Your essay should also provide a sense of what you have learned from Eula Biss. You should seize the reader’s attention and set up a problem or question that you’re interested in exploring over the course of the essay. Your middle should take the readers through your exploration, guiding us through the twists and turns of your thinking, including one or more moments of “yes, but…” reckoning and drawing connections between the texts. Your ending should be a culminating point where you reach a new understanding. You do not merely want to restate the journey you took; instead, show us the result of that journey, your deeper understanding of the problem, your realization of what’s at stake and why we should care. How has Eula Biss changed or added to your perspective?

Using A LOT OF quoting and analysis to (1) build a claim about the writer’s essential argument, (2) provide contexts for understanding the author and her or his work

And an ending that makes a claim about the author’s vision & values. What has this writer made you think more about?

The essay must be written for someone who is not familiar with your writer.

A successful performance will provide a good sense of your chosen author’s project, plus context to help the reader understand how the author’s project connects to the “real world” outside the author’s work, and your own claim (one that others reading the same book might disagree with) about the significance of the author’s essays—why the author’s work matters.

Seek outside sources other than Biss’ works that will help you provide context for your author’s work. This source might be a blog post by a different writer about a similar topic; a book review of the book you are reading; a critical or theoretical article about a subject your author cares about; a source that provides historical context; or any piece of evidence that helps you think about what your author teaches us about the wider world. will help you place your chosen author in context and deepen your understanding of the author’s work.

IMPORTANT: Should include at least 4 texts by Eula Biss, and at least 3 outside texts that help you establish a context. USE MLA FORMATTING. There are already 3 work by biss in the attached files. Can find more Eula Biss’ work on

approximately 8 pages (probably 10-15 paragraphs).

The problem that I think Biss implies is how Americans promote inventions while some of its inventions create really bad influences but Americans refuse to admit that they are wrong.

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