IS312 IF-n-VLOOKUP.xlsx

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4 points.

Look up a student’s semester percentage as well as his/her grade, based on which class she is in. It is a simple lookup;

the only thing added is that we need to know which class the student is in, so as to use the right lookup table. So it is three lookups nested in several Ifs

(knowing which lookup table/lookup range to use in the VLOOKUP formula depends on IF judgement).


5 points.

Several customers bought several types of vitamins from the VitaminStore. Price-Paid is quantity multipies CORRESPNDING unit-price of an item.

Then a simple total is calculated. After the summation, a discount may be eligible depending on how much the total is. A dicount-rate table is given.


5 points

CSUN class lookup. Given the class capacity (total seats) and the #enrolled, write formulas to enable the lookup for seat availability, AND #seats reamaining if available.

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