ITS 455 CSUGC Capitalism in America Worksheet

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Question 11 pts

The book ties the origins of the Great Recession all the way back to this event in 1989

Group of answer choices

The fall of the Berlin Wall

Greenspan’s appointment to chair of the Federal Reserve

Deregulation of the banking sector

Clinton’s election

Flag question: Question 2

Question 21 pts

The book cites three policies that the Federal Reserve took in response to the crisis. Which is NOT one of the policies described

Group of answer choices

Lowering interest rates and providing liquidity

Applying stress tests to find weaknesses

Increasing the inflation target

Rescuing major institutions

Flag question: Question 3

Question 31 pts

Angus Deaton and Anne Cass produced research that suggests this statistic has declined for the first time since the industrial revolution

Group of answer choices

The Poverty Rate


Life Expectancy

Birth Rates

Flag question: Question 4

Question 41 pts

The book gives three explanations for stagnation that it finds unconvincing before discussing the hypothesis that it was caused by entitlement spending. Which is NOT one of the unconvincing explanations

Group of answer choices

America is losing its lead in education and ability to attract talent

Trade with China

The growth rate of the workforce is decelerating

The IT revolution is not as impactful as previous technological revolutions

Flag question: Question 5

Question 51 pts

The book cites this president as the closest parallel to Donald Trump

Group of answer choices

Andrew Jackson

Ronald Reagan

Abraham Lincoln

Teddy Roosevelt

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