Jeopardy Game Integrating psychology into your personal life

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4 slides for this topic; “Integrating psychology into your personal life”

This assignment should be 20 minutes long. It should be formatted with answers (prompts) and then questions as the responses (Answer prompt: This subdiscipline of psychology deals with examining crime profiles, criminal profiles and judicial and legal related psychological information. Response question: What is Forensic Psychology?).

You’re also to reference / cite where you got that information and explain how it’s true. So you might put a sentence which paraphrases information from the APA about forensic psychology, and cite that sentence.

Remember, this is a 20-minute assignment. So typically you’d probably need to have 2 rounds with 1-2 sentence speaker notes with citation(s), or you’d have 1 round with more lengthy descriptions in the speaker note.

Imagine the host reading the prompt, the responder asking a question with the right response, and then the host following up with a sentence or a few sentences to explain how that is right and possibly a bit more about that topic.

I’d encourage your team to have someone read the presentation with that style aloud to make sure you hit the 20 minute mark.

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