JGR 210 SU Hometown Cars Long Term Goal for the Sales Team Worksheet

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A goal is a desired result that you envision for your team and organizational success. Goal-setting helps you break down the things you want to achieve into more manageable steps so that you can gauge your progress. This week you will apply the goal-setting strategy covered in Coach’s Huddle. Completing this assignment and the feedback you receive on it will help prepare you for the Week 6 assignment.


As you know, Hometown Cars has been struggling to meet profit margins in all three of their departments. As the general manager, you decide to set a new long-term goal for the sales team to increase car sales by 10% over the next year.


Download the assignment template: Goal Setting Template [DOCX].

Use backwards planning to set one monthly, one weekly, and one daily goal for your sales team. For each goal, write 1–2 sentences on what the goal is and what the sales team will need to do to achieve it.

For example, if a grocery store’s monthly goal is to sell 10 cases of bananas, their weekly goal might be selling one case of bananas by running a buy-one-get-one-free banana sale. To do this, the grocery manager might promote the sale in the weekly flyer and set up a banana-sale display in the store.


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