JJC Development and Clinical Application of Rapid Ig M ig G Combined Antibody Test for Sars co V2 Infection Diagnosis Paper

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For this assignment, you will read a selected journal article, summarize the article and its findings, and describe an assigned table or figure in that article. ASSIGNED TABLE IS TABLE 2

First, read and reread the attached article. Specifically, read the abstract, introduction, and discussion. Read the results section for your table or figure. I don’t suggest reading the materials and methods as it can cause some confusion.


Write a summary that is between 200-500 words that summarizes what the authors aims were, and what conclusions that made. Was their hypothesis correct? What further questions did they have after their study?

For your assigned figure or table describe (and be specific) the experiment. The description should be between 200-400 words.

your assigned figure is table 2 at the bottom of the article


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