Kean University Economics Forecasting and Analysis Worksheet

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Please put all your work in a word document and uploaded in here. (Include the R code and R resutls)

The following data are for Poker and Roulette winnings from Monday to Friday:

poker_vector <- c(140, -50, 20, -120, 240)

roulette_vector <- c(-24, -50, -100, 350, 10)

days_vector <- c(“Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”)

  1. Create a data frame that consists of poker_vector and roulette_vector. Copy and paste the data frame in here.
  2. Name the rows Monday through Friday using days_vector.
  3. Create a column for each game, percent_poker and percent_roulette, that calculates percentage gains or losses for each day relative to total gains.
  4. Filter for both games, percent_poker and percent_roulette being greater than zero, and show for which days the gains from both games are positive.

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