Korean society or culture research paper

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You have two options listed below. Before choosing your reading, however, clear it with me if it is not listed on this sheet. (Papers must
be typed, double-spaced. Papers 6-10 pages in length )

A. Select a work of Korean literature (or a collection of short works of Korean literature) from the period after 1945 comprising at least 100 pages of reading and analyze it as an expression of the some of the values or institutions of Korean society that have been discussed in class. Take into account that works of fiction are imaginary, and distinguish ideals from actual practice, description from satire and so forth. It may help to check reviews of the works to contextualize what message the author might have. Use the insight you have gained from readings and lectures, as well as appropriate supplementary material you feel is appropriate. (Supplementary material can count toward the 100 page goal).

B. Select a non-fiction book (or a series of non-fiction chapters or articles on the same topic) comprising at least 100 pages of reading relating to any aspect of post-1945 Korean society or culture which interests you, and write a critical review, evaluating it in terms of viewpoint, thesis, and method and showing how the material in the book is relevant to some topics or concerns mentioned in the course.

Style Sheet

(1) The writing in the paper should be your own words. You may not download material from the internet and present it as your own (that is plagiarism).

(2) Papers should be typed double-spaced with one inch margins on either side.

(3) Put your name and the title of the paper on a separate title sheet. Please don’t use fancy binders. They just make it difficult to stack the papers together.

(4) List at the top of your paper the readings upon which your paper is based. Spend no more than one-third of your paper in a description of the most important content of your readings. Devote most of your paper to discussing the relationship of what you read to the concepts and institutions discussed in the course lecture and other readings. Try to attain a clear and unified point of view in your paper with a thesis followed by paragraphs which argue for this thesis.

(5) Be sure to reference quotes and ideas taken from others, whether these are textbooks, your readings, the internet, or other sources. Anything not referenced is expected to be original. You may use any standard reference style—for example, footnoting as in the MLA style sheet, or references in parentheses as is done in social science writing. If you chose the latter style you must append a bibliography.

(6) Foreign words should be underlined or put in italics. Korean words should be rendered in the McCune-Resichauer System, Japanese in Hepburn and Chinese in Pinyin.

(7) Papers are graded on the clarity of your exposition of the content of your readings, skill with which you relate your readings to the course, and the care and quality of the writing.

(8) Quality of writing and clarity of thought are inseparable, so use some care in your writing. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. will all be taken into consideration in grading the paper.

Some specific things I look for in papers are listed below.

1. Do you have a title and a thesis sentence which announce the theme of your essay?

2. Do your introduction and conclusion stand in some logical relationship? That is, does the last paragraph conclude the thoughts introduced in the first paragraph?

3. Does each paragraph in your essay develop some major point that contributes to your overall argument?

4. Do you have examples or evidence for each judgment or generalization you make, or have you logically demonstrated why this generalization should be true?

5. Do you have a clear style with grammatical sentences, and proper use of historical and other words?

6. Did you proofread your paper to correct typos, errors of spelling and the like?


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