leadership and self deception

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Such a paper, by the nature of the detail and elaboration included, would be at least 3 pages (single spaced, 12-point font, 1 in margins, not including title page or reference page). At least 6 references total. No WIKI or encyclopedia. Please note: Different references means different sources, which may or may not be from different authors but will be from different articles, books, etc. Direct quoting a source is not what I am looking for, it is better to paraphrase and integrate into what you are saying, which shows you understood the source and how it relates to the point you are trying to make.

1. In what way does self-deception determine one’s experience in every aspect of life? 2. Of all of the problems in organizations, what is the most common and damaging? Why? 3. What is the difference between doing and being in regards to others? 4. What happens if you are NOT self-deceived, but others are?


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