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Discussion Question:

In Chapter 8, the author lists several criteria or basic skills that leaders need. Compare/contrast the skill that is most challenging to achieve and the skill that is the easiest to accomplish. Support your stance.

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Leadership Behavioral analyst (Job C)— Provides an analysis of 1 selected case application of choice to discuss among your peers. Selected minicases can be located at the end of each chapter. The selected case application should be selected from one of the two chapters assigned each week. Note: See announcements for guide on writing case analysis. You need more than one additional academic source beyond the text

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Leadership Behavioral Analyst-Job C: A Conflict of Interest


Welcome back to the Trojan Network Broadcasting Show! We want to thank each and every one of our viewers for tuning into our “Fifty Shades of Leaders” series each week. This week our leadership diversity specialist, Alika Crowell, will be reporting on the power and influence that leaders have and whether there can be a conflict of interest when in leadership. Last week we discussed some of the hurdles that women face to gain leadership, but what about when your promotion to the top is signed off by your spouse?

Ho Ching, the CEO of Temasek Holdings in Singapore, may have just gained her power through her spouse, Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore. Although it is said that she gained her position as CEO through her own merit, the “perception” of a conflict of interest appears on the surface. Temasek’s chairman, S. Dhanabalan, a former cabinet minister, asked her to head Temasek in 2002, telling local media at the time that Ho was “the best person for the job,” that it had “nothing to do “with her being Lee’s wife, and citing “a willingness on her part to take calculated risks.” (Webb, 2007).

Nevertheless, Ho does not exactly fall short of the qualifications to be the CEO of a $242 billion portfolio and oversee a multinational staff of 530 people (Temasek, 2017). Educated at Stanford University with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and a government scholar who worked for the Defense Ministry in Singapore are just a few of the achievements under Ho’s belt. The power and influence that Ho possesses come from her ability to be transparent while making logical and pragmatic decisions keeping in view long term affairs that will enable a higher level of capability for the company in good faith (Barrick, 2017). As a visionary leader and risk taker, Ho has managed to double the company’s portfolio in 10 years with investments expanding to Asia and India. Furthermore, steering the corporation to completely change one of its closely held values of privacy regarding Temasek’s annual reports also displays her dynamic, influential leadership (Barrick, 2017). Ho’s character is also full of maintaining good relationships with authority figures, being visibly different than followers, and being active and assertive (Hughes, R.L., Ginnett, R.C., Curphy, G. J., 2015).

In closing, Ho’s consistency and logical approach have catapulted her company to the forefront of Forbes list and corporate radar’s everywhere (Barrick, 2017). Although we may never know exactly how or why Ho gained her position at Temasek Holding Company, her ability to propel strong growth and returns for the Singapore economy makes her worthy of staying there! Again, thank you for watching and until next time; Be Blessed!


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