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Use the following questions to guide your analysis of the Google Project Oxygen case. Make sure to

provide your positions AND evidence to support your positions:

1.How would you describe Google’s culture? How were managers viewed before Project Oxygen?

2.What kinds of people work at Google? What should be the role of HR in such a setting? What

should be the role of managers?

3.What is your evaluation of the steps that the PiLab took to:

a.Identify the characteristics of effective managers at Google?

b.Roll out Project Oxygen to the organization?

c.Ensure that the Oxygen 8 attributes were widely adopted and practiced?

4.What is your assessment of the Oxygen 8 attributes? What value (if any) do they provide? How

generalizable are they?

5.What should Setty’s priorities be going forward? Which of the proposed initiatives should he

pursue? In particular, should he and his team take on the challenge of trying to create “truly

amazing managers”? If so, how?


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