Legal Requirements to File for Divorce in Singapore Discussion Questions and Reflection

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Question 1

Sharon Lim is your new client, and she has just shared with you her decision to divorce her
husband due to his gambling addiction. They married for 11 years and have two children
aged 10 and 8. She is unfamiliar with the legal process of divorce and is hesitant to seek legal
advice at this point. She is worried about the custody of her two children. She consulted you
on the legal process of divorce in Singapore.

(a) Present to Sharon the legal requirements to file for divorce and discuss with her the
grounds for divorce and other implications. (800 words)

(b) Explain to Sharon her husband’s consent to the divorce would determine the type of
divorce and its process. Compare the TWO (2) types of divorce in your explanation to her. (500 words)

(c) Discuss with Sharon her parenting plan relating to children’s custody and access.(500 words)

Question 2

Reflect on your learning on causes and risk factors of divorce, evaluate what could be TWO
(2) potential risk factors that are relevant to the Singapore context.

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