lesson 4 discrete and continuous random variables

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Lesson 4

Discrete and Continuous Random Variables

Answer these 4 questions. Show your work to receive partial credit.

  1. Dr. Gruner brings his old pocket watch to be repaired. The gears stopped and will not turn. What is the probability that the hour hand is between the 7 and the 9?
  2. A basketball player makes baskets from the foul line 94% of the time. If she makes 8 attempts, what is the probability she will miss no more than twice?
  3. Historically, the number of hurricanes hitting Boca Raton each year follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of 1. What is the probability that 3 or more hurricanes hit the town in a year?
  4. For $15 you can may play a game of chance: Roll a 6 sided die. You square the number you roll and you win that much cash. What is the expected value of such a game (take into account the cost to play)?

Grading: Each problem is worth 25 points.


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