Lesson Planning: A Research-Based Model for K-12 Classrooms, writing homework help

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In Chapter 6 of Lesson Planning: A Research-Based Model for K-12 Classrooms many factors are to be considered when determining content and instructional strategies. Analyze and evaluate which three might be the most important when working with the students from your Class Profile. Explain your reasoning.

“Student-Centered Instruction: Integrating the Learning Sciences to Support Elementary and Middle School Learners,” by Steven Turner makes note of “progressive formalization” and the importance of connecting new knowledge to old knowledge. How does progressive formalization help students learn new concepts?

How do you select or design activity-related materials to meet the developmental needs of students? How does Christian worldview impact the review of materials? What are some of the considerations? 

Why is it important to review texts and other materials for their cultural perspective and possible bias?


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